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Richards Farm

Louisburg, Kansas 1930s

My grandmother, Dorothy Richards, told me stories about when she was younger, but there are only a handful of things I remember:

  • I know my grandma lived on a farm in Kansas and often stayed with her grandparent on their farm in Louisburg, Kansas.

  • I know they did not have much money.

  • I know her grandfather, my great-great grandfather, was a beekeeper.

  • I know they lost the farm during the depression in the 1930s.

Those are a few things I know for sure, but I have bits of stories, a lot of pictures, genealogy, and a few handwritten stories.  


With help from my dad, I am going to share their stories and pictures.


I would also like to recreate their experiences, skills, and techniques here on my farm in Eustis, Florida… I don’t know; maybe they are called the greatest generation for a reason.

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