How It Got Started

Our family moved to a 15-acre hobby farm in 2013.  Before our westward expansion, we only had experience with one house cat; we had a lawn service that manicured our 1/3 acre property and we lived 15 minutes away from Disney World.  All of my homesteading knowledge came from watching Little House on the Prairie as a child. 

In our first month on the farm, we killed our only mower while trying to tame a waist-high pasture, were given a mean rooster that chased us whenever we went outside, and had a major renovation going on that prevented us from using the stairs. To get to their rooms, the kids had to go outside, avoid the mean rooster, climb a ladder and go through a bedroom window.      

Over the years, we have learned a lot about our hobby farm by trial and error, primarily error. We have learned that our neighbor probably thought it was HILARIOUS giving us a rooster, not to turn your back on a ram, and there is no way you will outmaneuver a pig.  We have learned not to plant two rows of radishes, never-ever buy guineafowl, and not put mulch on a dirt driveway.  We have come a long way since we first arrived at the Carson Farm.