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Fall 2022
Math & Computer
In-Person Class & Tutoring

Algebra 1 - Spring 2022 Schedule

Mondays 1:00-3:00

Jan10 - May 23

$30 per week

Book: Math-U-See Algebra 1 Book

Spring Break: March 7

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Jan 10

Covered in class: Chapter 1, 2A

Homework: Complete Chapter 1, 2B, 2C

Chapter 1:

  • Pre-Algebra Review 

  • Grouping

  • Solving for 1 variable

  • Negatives

Chapter 2:

  • Order of operation

  • Fractions

  • Decimals

  • Solving for 1 variable

Jan 17

Covered in class: Chapter 2 & Started 3

Homework: Complete Chapter 2, 3A, 3B, 3C

Chapter 3:

  • Order of Operation

  • Fractions

  • Decimals

Jan 24

Covered in class: Completed Chapter 3 and Started Chapter 4 

Homework: Complete 3D,3E,4B,4C,4E

Chapter 4:

  • Distributive Property

  • Distributive Property in reverse


In Algebra class, we complete the first page together, and then complete evens or odd problem on the following 2 pages. Students can request I do any problem on the page, and we will work it out together.  For homework, students complete the pages we worked on and then do the last 2 pages of the chapter.  The last 2 pages are accumulative review pages.  Again, students are allowed to review the pages before leaving class and request we work on any problem in the chapter.  For homework, I want students to attempt all homework problems.  I encourage them to use any resource to solve the problem.  Working with a friend is a fantastic option.  

Jan 31

Covered in class: Chapter 5 & Started 6

Homework: Complete Chapter 5C, 5D,5E, 6A

Chapter 5:

  • Graphing Coordinates

  • Plotting values on a number line

  • Quadrants

  • Reviewed Associate, Commutative, and Distributive Property

  • Simplifying and solving unknowns

  • "Clearing" fractions

Chapter 6:

  • Calculating X and Y for graphing

  • Plotting points

  • Writing an equation of a line


Today we also reviewed vocabulary.  I want to make sure students use correct terms when talking about math.  I also encourage students to use any resource to solve problems.  This teaches them to read, listen, and mimic to find an answer.  I also encourage them to check answers as soon as they calculate answers because they are most invested in the problem at that time.

Finally, I have noticed students missing pre-algebra skills.  In addition to our Algebra class work, we are spending time in class learning pre-algebra skills.  We are breaking down the skills to fully understand what we are doing so we can build a strong foundation for Algebra.  

Feb 14

Covered in class: Chapter 7 & Started 8

Homework: Complete everything through Chapter 8

Chapter 7:

  • Slopes

  • Y Intercept

  • Equation of a Line Slope Intercept Form

  • Review - Order of Operation

  • Equations with fractions and decimals

Chapter 8:

  • Slopes

  • Undefined Slopes

  • Y Intercept

  • Equation of a Line Slope Intercept Form


This week, we reviewed chapter 7 because students had not completed the homework. The homework is essential because it allows the students to practice skills we will be building on in future chapters.

We then started Chapter 8.