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A little background information on our new roommates…

We have been acquiring new roommates for the last four months. They are filthy and never pay rent. They have also been known to bite.


We acquired a pony in December. (I feel pretentious and inferior at the same time when I say pony. I will explain more later.)

Roommate’s Name: Elvis

Below is a picture of Elvis talking with our neighbor's horses.


Danielle, Josh and Jamie acquired a pig in January. I told them I will have nothing to do with the pig. It is all up to them. More about the pig later.

Roommate’s Name: Freddie Mercury

AKA: Freddie

February (Maybe March):

We acquired 3 sheep.

Roommate’s Names: Mama Cass, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley

AKA: Mama, Jackson, and Marley


We acquired 2 rabbits.

Roommate’s Names: Rhino and Mabel (The kids named the rabbits)

From December through April we have lost and gained a few chickens. Presently, we have 16


Roommate’s Names: The Dixie Chicks


Blue, Reese’s Puff, Mr. Afro, Athena, Dolly, Firecracker, Baby, Goldie, Nugget, Rodenda, Twila, JJ, Ester, Kung pao, MayBell, Honey Dew

When we moved to the farm we had one indoor cat. Neither of us had ever owned a dog before.

Animal Recap:

1 indoor cat

3 outdoor barn cats

2 dogs

1 pony

3 sheep

1 pig

2 rabbits

16 chickens

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