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a LITTLE slice of heaven

This week I made a stunning blanket. It is ridiculously soft and feels like an indulgence when swathed in it. While I lay comatose in it, I feel like a little angel surrounded by the fluffiest cloud, and I dream of having fistfuls of doughnuts while watching Netflix.

There is one minor issue. After feverishly working my nimble fingers raw, my blanket only turned out to be 4’4” long, and I am 5’1”. The luxuriousness stops at my chest. To encapsulate myself in this little piece of heaven, I must lay down with my knees tucked to my chest in a fetal position. I cannot move, or some part of me will escape from the protection of the blanket.

When making this hand-crafted, chunky throw, I used 7 skeins of yarn. I watched many videos, and everyone else only used 6 skeins of yarn. I thought to myself, “Mindy, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Let’s make this SOB so ginormous that we can lay around and be totally encapsulated in a cocoon of glory.” I have concluded that all the YouTube videos lied to me; 6 skeins would make a blanket to cover my cat, so I will try again. This time I am going to use 10 skeins of yarn! What the what?

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