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BFFs at the Carson Farm

It is interesting that animals, like people, need a best friend. Our ram, Fat Mike, tries so hard to be BFFs with our Pony, Elvis. As soon as we let Fat Mike out of his stall, he frolics over to Elvis and spends every second of his day glued to Elvis’s side until it is Fat Mike’s bedtime, and he must return to the stall for the night.

It sounds enchanting; however, Fat Mike is a horrible best friend. He delights in getting tangled in Elvis’s tail and then pulling on it. Also, Fat Mike continuously tries to flinch Elvis by backing up 3 steps and pretending to charge at him only to stop at the last second.

I am concerned for Elvis since Fat Mike is a toxic friend. I don’t feel it is dire to intervene now, but I have started posting signs in our stalls, hoping Elvis will read them and perhaps break off their relationship.

I included Danielle on the sign because she is away at college, and I still want her to continue to be a part of the Carson Farm experience. I think she appreciates that.

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