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Bob Marley

Last night was exciting. Jamie and I went out to feed the animals and noticed we were missing one sheep. Marley was missing! I was in a sudden panic. I thought a coyote got it. Our other two sheep were being extremely loud, and so was my neighbor's sheep. I looked in my neighbor's pasture and saw a sheep similar to our Marley. I yelled for Marley and saw he was pacing the fence. Somehow he got into our neighbor's pasture.

Yada…Yada…Yada..It turned into a frenzy. There were two big horses, her sheep and our Marley surrounding and accosting me to get to the cup of corn I was holding so I could kidnap my sheep back….Yada…Yada…yada…I was back in our pasture holding up the wire fence with now 3 horses and 4 sheep surrounding us….yada…yada…yada…Jamie shoved our huge wooly sheep back under the wire fence. That sentence deserves repeating. Jamie shoved...our huge wooly sheep...back under a wire fence. Let me elaborate. Jamie, my husband, shoved a sheep headfirst under a small gap of wire and earth. I didn't see this, but I suspect that after Jamie shoved the sheep's head under the wire Jamie, my husband, put his feet on the sheep's back and scooted Marley the rest of the way under the fence into our pasture…Yada…yada…yada…we rescued our sheep, and no one called the sheep cruelty hotline on us.

Yada...Yada...Yada...We consider ourselves heroes.

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