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Crazy Chicken Farm

We are making our way to a Crazy Chicken Farm, and Danielle and Jamie are driving our farm there on the short bus. Until recently, we have kept our chicken population to around 20.

Danielle, my oldest child, and only daughter decided she wanted to try to hatch some eggs in an incubator. Since Jamie and I are such encouraging, responsible parents, we graced her with an incubator for Christmas. Then it started...

I hate to brag, but Danielle is a very gifted chicken incubating guru with mad chicken skillz (yes, with a z). Can you guess how many chickens we are up to? Try it. Take a guess. Did you guess 50? If so, you were wrong. Try a higher guess. We are up to 66 chickens! 66 chickens, that is almost chicken hoarding. I feel someone may call the poultry officials on us, and you will see us on the 6 o'clock news, and I will be pushing a camera out of my face shouting profanities. Maybe I will even throw a shoe at someone if I need to. I don't really know; I am just speculating at this point. (I may be willing to sit and talk with Good Morning America to discuss why I have 66 chickens in my backyard.)

The chicks are adorable when they are little, but they don't stay little forever. In this picture the chicks and I are discussing my shoe throwing possibility.

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