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Easter Egg Hunt

This past Easter we had a "Farm Style" Easter Egg hunt. It was great fun. Jamie and I thought it would be fun to bring the Easter Egg hunt to the 21st century. We hid about 20 eggs down in our wooded 4 acres. As we hid the eggs, we sent Danielle and Josh texts so they would have clues.

After all the texts were sent, we gave the kids a 2-minute head start to find the eggs. After the two minutes, Jamie and I both went down to hunt for the kids. We each had two airsoft guns, you know, just to make it more exciting for the kids. I am pretty sure I have seen the Waltons do this. I remember seeing John Boy run from Pa as he looked for Easter Eggs.

Here is a picture of Danielle. She was loving it

Here is Josh. Surprisingly, he did not love it as much. Apparently, having your parents hunt you down can cause a little emotional pause. I noted this in my parent handbook.

Jamie may have loved this a little too much. At one point, he ran out of "bullets" (can we really call BBs bullets?). He saw Danielle in a clearing, and he started shooting at her. She only heard the gun, but she did not know Jamie was out of BBs. So she began to serpentine through the clearing until she could dive for cover.

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