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Farm Living in the month of November

I have issues. Well, to be accurate, I have several issues. One issue is the fire. I am an unhoarder, anti-hoarder... I don't know. I don't like having things I don't need. I love being able to have fires and "get rid of the problem". I feel like the Godfather. We have three burn piles on property. To make it a "family event" I say, "Let's make smores". As the family makes the smores I tiptoe through the house. I usually find the jackpot in the garage. Jamie likes to keep things "just in case." If you look closely in the fire you can see the bottom half of a door. See, I am a problem fixer.

Dani and Jamie are becoming chicken junkies. I am not afraid to say it. I still love them just the same. They got two silkies and 4 chicks this month. I know they would love to get more chickens, but our coop is full. I feel we have to get beyond chickens. We are going to turn into a crazy chicken farm. We are now discussing donkeys. There are many benefits to donkeys.

  1. It is just fun to say you have a donkey.

  2. Donkeys make the property more of a farm.

  3. Jamie can make all the ass jokes. I have heard quite a few as we discussed the issue. Jamie will be in charge of naming the donkey. I am sure the name will not be a coincidence.

  4. They are loud and scared animals. They help keep the coyotes away.

Dani with her new chicken. She named it Blue

Josh is with his new silkie. He named it Reese's.

Laura, our neighbor, gave the kids 4 new chicks. Dani thinks one may be a rooster. I think we are now up to 14 chickens.

We are getting around 6-8 eggs a day. The blue egg is from the Easter Egger. Dani wants to make an egg business.

Here is the star of the show...BABY!

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