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Horseback riding lessons

This month the kids and I started horseback riding lessons. I figured we needed lessons so we could eventually get a horse. I don't think we can call our property a farm with only chickens, dogs, and cats.

We are taking lessons with our neighbor Laura, Russell the Rooster's owner, and it has been great. This week she had us in her round pen. Laura makes the kids climb up on the horse, but I get to use a step stool since I have issues with my back. Well, this week, there was no stool in the round pen, and I came to the conclusion I could not casually put my foot in the stirrup without doing an Olympic-style split. I would need a leg up.

A leg up is when Laura takes my shin and hoists me like a fat little sausage onto the horse. In a swift, graceful motion, it is my job then to grab the saddle and the mane, put my foot in the stirrup and swing my other leg over (you would never see John Wayne do this). It looks so easy when people do it. Let me tell you, it is not easy. Seconds after getting the leg up, I was lying horizontally on the horse. The horse and I formed a perfect T. I looked like I was a stunt rider and just needed a colorful, sparkly cape. I was so ungraceful. At one point, I feared I would nose-dive off the horse because as I lay horizontally on the neighbor's horse my feet started tipping up while my head was staring under the horse! But I managed, and I was able to right myself. I totally nailed the rest of the lesson.

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