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I had to yell at someone today

On Friday afternoon, at approximately 1:36 pm, I walked into a spa to get a pedicure and manicure. It was a lovely day; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a cool breeze.

I was seated in an oversized chair and was just seconds away from my pedicure to begin when I saw a creature scurry out of the corner of my freaking eye. Well, I was locked in like a hawk. My breathing became shallow, and I completely tuned out everything in the spa. Now, living on a farm, I knew exactly what this creature was. I hate even to say it, but it was a mouse. I will not even entertain the thought it was a rat, so we will stick with the word "mouse." My mind was racing, I wanted to run from the hell-hole spa and scream at these barbarians, but I played it cool. I broke into a heavy sweat and kept my eyes locked on the area I last saw the mouse. I was sitting on the very edge of my seat with my purse still clinging to me. My pedicure began, and then I saw the mouse again! I made a huge spectacle of myself and shouted, "THERE'S A MOUSE!". No one budged! One of the women nonchalantly replied to me, "Yes, we leave the door open, and it ran in last night. We have been trying to get it out". That was not good enough. I swung my head to the lady next to me. (I will continue with this as dialogue) Me: (Spitting as I shouted) "ARE YOU OK WITH THIS?" Lady (speaking way too slowly) "They don't live anywhere; they just come and go." Me: "NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE, THEY MAKE NESTS! YOU KNOW…RATS NESTS! Then the mouse ran down the hall. Pedicure lady: (Got up and walked down the hall) "It's gone now; it ran out the door." Me: "NO, YOU ARE LYING; IT RAN INTO THAT ROOM. IS ANYONE IN THAT ROOM?"

End of scene. I did not see the mouse again. That afternoon was stressful; I was loathsome, and I still don't know what to think, but my nails turned out great.

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