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I LOVE BABY and I don’t care who knows it!

This month we got 9 chickens. We got Rhode Island Reds, Black Stars, Red Stars, and Easter Eggers. I wanted Easter Eggers because they lay blue eggs. Jamie and Danielle want to get 2 frizzies this week. Frizzes are the Cadillac of chickens.

I LOVE one of the chickens. I named her Baby. She always runs up to me, and she will stand at my feet and make little chicken noises. Baby likes to be picked up and carried. She will follow anyone around. Of all our animals on the farm, she is my favorite.

2 of the chickens are laying eggs. The kids named these 2 chickens “Nugget” and “Tender”. We get 1-2 eggs a day. The other chickens are too young. Nugget and Tender are Rhode Island Reds so they are laying brown eggs.

Did you know chickens really have a pecking order? Twila, the black star, is at the top of the order in our coop. She is mean and pecks at the other chickens. Lucky for her, I have never seen her peck at Baby. Honey Dew is at the bottom of the order. They are mean to her and keep her away from the food and water. It is an emotional roller coaster around here. I find myself worrying about the chickens at the bottom of the pecking order.

Josh is holding BABY and Danielle is holding Twila.

Our first egg.

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