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Me and Lil Champ

Back-story Did you know one of my preferred hobbies is archery? Jamie has picked up on this fine fact about me, and now I am the proud owner of FIVE bows. Each holiday he keeps getting me something for archery. So far, Jamie and bestowed upon me: • 3 compound bows • 1 recurve bow (to be honest, Jamie gave this as a gift to the children, and I snatched it from their little paws. It is my favorite bow, and it says “Lil Champ” on it) • 1 longbow • a quiver (a fantastic gift) • 3 sets of arrows • 1 armguard (a must-have) I am a bit worried one day ATF will burst into our house (because of Danielle), and they will find my cache.

Story-time One afternoon, Jamie and I set off on our property to hunt moose (yes, we live in central Florida). To out-maneuver and outsmart the pesky moose, Jamie and I concocted a ruse. To trick our worthy opponent, we camouflaged ourselves into our surroundings. Jamie was disguised as a great cat, and I, as his loyal sidekick, was a small polar bear. Not to be boastful, BUT I am a pretty good shot with Lil Champ at my side. However, my disguise reduced my skill level to “piss-poor”. There was a time I could not tell if my bow was upside down. Jamie, as usual, did splendidly, and he saved us from imminent doom by maiming the great beast.

I have included pictures and a video. Due to my embarrassment, I have excluded the actual video of me turning my bow right side up.

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