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This week the kids and I cleaned the barn. I had a little extra time so Danielle and I started cleaning the chicken coop. We went in the coop and saw there were flies everywhere. We left for a second and came back armed with fly tape.

Fun Fact: The stickiness from fly tape does not come off your fingers with water. It just makes

your fingers extra gooey, sticky and wet.

I realized the fly tape was not enough and I would have to shovel out the chicken poop (sorry for the details, but they are necessary). So I got the shovel, wheel barrow, and rake and started raking under the roosting bars. Danielle stood beside me with fly tape dangling from her fingers collecting the flies.

As I was raking under the roosting bar I raked up an egg.


When we moved to the farm we found an egg in the barn. It was under the roosting bars, and no one would touch it. We did not know how old it was. Our plan was to leave it there forever and pretend that we never saw it.

As I raked, Danielle was holding fly tape and Josh was nowhere to be found. Danielle says:

Danielle: Oh My gosh, you got THEE EGG.

Me: I Know. It will be nice to have it out of the barn.

Danielle: Are you going to pick it up?

Me: No, I will shovel it in the wheel barrel.

I continued raking around THEE EGG and then…BOOM. We heard a shotgun go off. It was so loud. Unfortunately, it was not a shotgun. It was THEE EGG and it exploded on ME! Danielle: OH My Gosh, it is blue and green inside THEE EGG and it is on you.

Danielle goes running out of the barn with Fly Tape fluttering behind her still stuck on her fingers. I stand frozen. What are my options? So, I continue with my job. I now shovel THEE BLUE/GREEN EGG, the shell, and chicken poop. I throw it in the wheel barrow and walk as fast as I can. I pass Danielle and she sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. Everything is moving in slow motion for me. I look like a cat with a fur ball trying to come up. Finally I make it to the burn pile and I dump everything. Unfortunately, the smell and I are now one and I take it back into the barn with me. I pass Danielle again.

Danielle: Wa-wa-wa- wa (Again, Charlie Brown’s teacher).

I am in a daze of grossness. I fill the wheel barrow two more times. I then stagger into the house.

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