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Tips for visiting a farm

This week Jamie had a guest from work out to the Carson Farm. I am sorry to say, we (the Carsons) are petty and think it is comical when a nonrural person surveys our farm. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to draft a few tips for when you visit a farm (Don’t engage in these rules at the Carson Farm – we enjoy watching/judging you).

Tip 1: Wear proper shoes when visiting a farm, though we find it immensely pleasurable to watch visitors hopscotch through the pasture.

During the visit, Jamie walked through the pasture gate, and his guest halted to a stop. Guest: The horse won’t kick me, will he? (Trying to eye-spy the wild, kicking horse) Jamie: No. (still waiting) The horse will not…KICK…you. The guest tiptoed into the pasture and took a few pictures. Soon he was petting the horse. This brings me to Tip #2.

Tip 2: It is good the guest was alert, but there is very little need to worry about a kicking horse. Be warier about giving a horse a treat. You can lose a finger if you do not do it properly.

Side note: I mentioned this to Jamie, Danielle, and Josh, and we had a heated debate. Jamie: (rolling his eyes at me) “A horse cannot bite off your finger.” (I rolled my eyes at that comment) Danielle: (not bothering from looking up from playing the piano) “Oh, they can bite off your finger. You can bite off your own finger. It is like a hard carrot.” Josh: (new to the conversation and walking down the stairs): “ Yeah, a horse can bite off a finger. You can bite off your own finger.”

***I am a little puzzled by this. Why do both of my children think/know you can bite off your own finger?

Tip 3: Our guest should have been profoundly concerned not about the horse but our ram. They are called rams for a reason! On no occasion should you turn your back on a ram because that is when they will ram you so freaking hard. Even worse, they don’t just ram you once. Once they assault you, they back up 3 or 4 steps and advance on you again. It is frightening and quite alarming if you are the ramee. Unfortunately, you can’t outrun a ram.

Tip 4: Danielle and Josh gave their two cents that farm attendees should worry most about pigs.

The cover picture of the blog entry is of a WILD BOAR Jamie, Danielle, and Josh brought home several years ago. It was lovely, but after it weighed over 150 lbs, we had to get rid of the WILD BOAR!

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